• mute all cellular phones and electronic devices before entering session rooms.
  • stay until the end of each session. We do not seat participants for new sessions until 15 minutes before the scheduled start time. Out of courtesy to our presenters, we do not allow entrance to rooms the last 15 minutes of each session.
  • express your gratitude and enjoyment of a session by noting them on your evaluation form.
  • remember that infants and children are not allowed in sessions or service rooms, including the Marriott Center.

Please do not..:

  • clap or cheer during or at the end of a session. Applause, like a ringing cell phone, is distracting and disruptive and ruins a reverent spirit.
  • eat or drink during a conference session. In the session rooms where food is allowed, we ask you to refrain from eating until the break between sessions.
  • save seats for latecomers in your group.
  • take flash photography during sessions.
  • use smartphones, tablets, or any electronic device to record audio or video from the presentations. Doing so will put you in violation of copyright laws.