The Book of Mormon-Keystone of My Life

Andrea Priday

The Book of Mormon is considered the Keystone of our religion - It should be the keystone of our lives. All the prophets of the latter days have indicated the great importance of the Book of Mormon in our lives. By making the Book of Mormon the keystone of our lives all areas of our life will be supported. Are we giving this great book the time and attention it deserves? Do we understand the importance of this great book as it relates to Christ, Joseph Smith, latter-day prophets? Is our testimony of the Book of Mormon built upon a rock; is it the keystone in our lives? This site is meant to help us understand and incorporate into our testimonies the importance of the Book of Mormon. Not only in our own life, but those of our families and all those we come in contact with. Let us create the desire to give greater importance to the Book of Mormon in our daily lives.

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