Finding Balance in a Busy Life

Carol Hinckley

Finding balance in this busy world filled with so many opportunities and demands is a major challenge for women of all ages. A quick search on the internet brought up 114 million sites relating to the topic, so obviously women in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are not the only ones feeling as though we are running on a treadmill, getting nowhere and not knowing how to turn it off! We as Church members, however, do have the answer to the pressing question. It is found in choosing which voices we heed to guide our lives. The God of This Worldshouts his voice through a myriad of media to DO more, HAVE more, BUY more, TRY more. The still small voice of The God of Heaven and Earth whispers counsel in our hearts and minds. He speaks through his prophets and in analogies and parables found in the scriptures. We will share ideas gleaned from a long life (66 years) and an ultra-busy life (mother of seven, ages 2 to 15), to help you find balance in your busy life.

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