Finding Joy in Womanhood

Kris Hansen, Judy Chidester, and Kathy Head

"You can recognize women who are grateful to be a daughter of God by their attitude. They know that the errand of angels is given to women, and they desire to be on God’s errand to love His children. They understand that they can bless their Father’s children in their homes and neighborhoods and beyond. Women who are grateful to be daughters of God bring glory to His name." Margaret D. Nadauld 

We can do this by finding joy in our roles Mothers, Sisters and Friends. We as women are asked to do many things in our lives, sometimes our lives get so cluttered that we forget to enjoy the wonderful roles we have as women and Daughters of God. We need to remember to find joy in our roles as Mothers, Sisters and Friends. Through finding joy it will help us understand our divine destiny.

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