A Heritage of Willing Hands

Collette Worthington, Gabrielle Womble, Patricia Schlappi, Shae Goodwin

Have you ever wondered about the power and potential that YOUR two hands hold― Though we cannot even begin to comprehend or understand the meaning of all things, we do know that we are all God's children and that He loves us individually. We are His heritage!! We have inherited His divine qualities and are created in His image. He wants us to follow and become like Him. He willingly sent His Son to earth to provide us a way to return to Him. Our Savior, Lord, and King, gave selflessly to all mankind. He taught, healed, blessed, and served with willing hands. We too have the power to be instruments in the hands of God to help bring about His great work. Each of our hands have great value, each are needed. Your hands can do something for someone that no one else can do. I testify that we belong to a great heritage of willing hands. If we love God and have a willing heart, a willing spirit, and two willing hands, we can change lives and witness many miracles. Hand in hand with God we have the power to do all things...What is next for YOUR two willing hands to do―

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