Is it time to "TEST DRIVE" the Law of Consecration? Special "models" designed for Senior Missionaries.

Darylene Nickell

Elder Robert D. Hales tells us “There are two unique times in our lives when we can truly live the law of consecration and devote ourselves in full-time service to the Lord.  One is as a young man or woman serving a full-time mission.  The other is…when you can draw upon the rich experiences of a lifetime, go out as a couple, and consecrate yourselves fully as servants of the Lord.” General Conference, April 2001.  Senior missionaries are desperately needed throughout the world to help our brothers and sisters accept the Restored gospel of Jesus Christ.  Missions are a fulfilling way to give greater purpose to life while making a lasting contribution and experiencing incredible joy. Priceless blessings come to those who take advantage of this wonderful opportunity.

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