From Loving Hearts to Serving Hands

Effie Buckingham

Loving hearts are ones that have learned to give away pieces of themselves, serving hands serve with the love their hearts have given. Jesus Christ our Redeemer and Savior gave his heart for all. We were molded and created in his image. We were created complete with a perfect heart, perfect in it's form and in it's function. They are warm and comforting to us and yet in their perfection they serve only ourselves. Or are they really perfect? Hearts are perfected when they have been refined. Until they have been broken and scarred by our giving pieces of them away or sharing them with others, they cannot truly become refined and whole. We must always be aware of the condition of our hearts. We as women exercise our divine nature to nurture and serve others. Sharing our hearts and helping hands in joyous service molds us, thus our hearts become more perfected. A refined heart is one that is nonjudgmental, loving, open and affirming. We must consciously open them, to go past our pride and our self- consciousness. As we refine our hearts this allows our hands to become greater hands of service and grow more responsive as we become more compassionate. It is the sharing of our hearts that develops us and enables us to overcome our disabilities to give completely.

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