Planning a Fun Summer With Your Kids

Katherine Jones, Jeanette Lukens, Susan Christensen

There's a fear of that point in the summer where the new school year can't come soon enough. The kids are restless, bored and having them home with nothing to do is starting to wear on you. Having a "Summer Fun Plan" can change your dreaded summers into summers of fun activities and happy memories. Prepare with a family planning meeting at the beginning of the summer, and let your kids help with the fun. Planning doesn't have to mean 24/7 entertainment or daily special projects. Days of "down time" should be scheduled in as well. The goal is to keep from sliding into the same old rut. With your summer plan worksheets and calendar, you can make daily, weekly and long term summer plans. I have over 100 ideas for all ages from small and simple projects to exciting day trips. Find out how you can spice up your summer with activities, service and accomplishments your children help create. Don't let summer slip by!

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