Pulling It All Together: Inspired Programs - Successful Families

Melanie Hein and Shauna Stapleton

The Family Home Evening binder includes the youth programs of the church:  the Primary’s “Faith in God”, the Young Women’s “Personal Progress”, and the Young Men’s “Duty to God” programs. We reviewed each of these booklets and compiled a list of the requirements and activities that are conducive to Family Home Evening; we also included a list for the “Wolf”, “Bear”, and “Webelos” Cub Scout handbooks.  This “at a glance” list is included with each of the youth booklets in a pocket divider in the binder.  Thus, when it’s an 8 year old’s turn to give a family night lesson he/she can go to the binder, look at the list, and find an idea for a lesson.  In doing this, the child passes off a “Faith in God” requirement and the entire family is blessed by participating in the program together.

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