Super Storage Step by Step

Angie Sullivan and Carrie Leavitt

Obtaining super food storage isn't accomplished in a single bound. Storage Superheroes take simple steps!

  • 1, 2...Start with a Few: Begin by storing for just the first 72 hours! Include water, no cooking food, clothing, cash, and even games to keep the kids happy!
  • 3, 4...Store some more: Now you can slowly build up your food storage day by day and month by month! Fill bottles with water, buy extra cans at a case lot sale, use the cannery. Even a small budget can fit an extra item or two.
  • 5, 6...Learn a Few Tricks: Need help knowing how to use your wheat? Not sure how much to store for your family? Unsure of how to properly store water? Never fear, you will be a Superhero Storage guru in no time!
  • 7, 8...Don't procrastinate!: Start your storage program now! Don't wait for more money or a bigger house! You can find ways to fit things into your budget, and into your home! Use family home evening and family gatherings and holidays as an excuse to prepare!
  • 9, 10...Do it again! Don't be afraid to rotate and use your food. Though many storage foods have a long shelf life, it will benefit you and your family if you learn to use and rotate what you store! Also, you'll want to update your 72 hour kits as your needs change! Eat what you store and store what you eat! Anyone can be a hero for your own ground zero!
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