Traffic Caution

On the days of Women’s Conference, traffic congestion and slow downs may begin on I-15 and may also occur on major roads leading to BYU. Plan on an extra 30-45 minutes to get through traffic and park. Road construction is also prevalent in the Provo area-especially along Bulldog Boulevard and 500 East. We recommend avoiding those roads and take University Ave (Exit 269), Orem Center Street (Exit 271) or 800 North (Exit 272) in Orem from the freeway into Provo. 

We also recommend using the brand new UVX bus system. Details are below.

Be stress free by leaving home early!

If you are looking for directions on how to get to Brigham Young University, please see our Travel Options page.


Women’s Conference parking is available in the lots southeast and directly west of LaVell Edwards Stadium (49Y, 48Y and 45Y), and in the lots north of the Indoor Practice Fields (37Y). There is also limited parking in the lot northeast of the Marriott Center (20Y).

Parking lots are marked on the map in the center of the Women’s Conference program booklet. Be sure to look it over! If you don't have your program, you can look at it here.
You can also find parking lots by number by visiting the Campus Parking Map; be sure to choose “Parking” on the left side of the page; lot numbers will be displayed when you click on a highlighted parking lot.

Please cooperate by parking only in those designated areas and within painted stalls. Parking in areas other than those noted here and in the Women’s Conference program parking map will lead to ticketing and/or towing of your vehicle.

Free UVX bus system

Image of UVX bus

Avoid the hassle of parking and take the free new UVX bus system to BYU!

Take the UVX Free Bus System from the following locations to BYU! 

Catch the free UVX bus, be dropped off within a three to five minute walk to the Marriott Center and avoid parking on campus.  Utah Valley Express (UVX) is a bus rapid transit line featuring high-capacity buses running between the Orem Central Station, BYU, and the Provo Central Station (and other stops in between), and it’s free! It features convenient stops at BYU Baseball Stadium (about a 3 to 5 minute walk to the Marriott Center),  the BYU Harman Building, BYU North Campus, and BYU South Campus. Note: regular fares are required for bus lines other than UVX.

WEEKDAYS (times are approximate)

4:00 am - 6:45 am
Buses every 15–30 minutes

6:45 am - 10:00 am
Buses every 6 minutes

10:00 am - 2:00 pm
Buses every 10 minutes

2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Buses every 6 minutes

5:00 pm - 8:00 pm
Buses every 10 minutes

8:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Buses every 15 minutes

11:00 pm - 1:00 am
Buses up to every 60 minutes

Park HERE:
Provo Central Front Runner Station: 690 S University Ave, Provo, UT 84601
Orem Central Front Runner Station: 1350 W 900 S, Orem, UT 84058
Academy Square: 592 N University Ave
Towne Centre Blvd (Provo Towne Center Mall): 1272 Towne Centre Blvd (just east of JCPenney)
University Place (University Mall): 570 East University Parkway (park by Carrabbas Restaurant, cross at light to UVX station)

Hop off HERE:
BYU Stadium UVX Drop Station: 372 East University Parkway; (the Marriott Center is at 450 East University Parkway)
BYU North Campus Station: 716 E University Parkway

*Time subject to change

Recreational vehicles

Self-contained recreational vehicles can park in lot 37Y, just off Canyon Road, northwest of the Smith Fieldhouse. No facilities are available.


Please note that program participants should not park in neighborhoods north of the Marriott Center or east of 900 East. Although parking areas closer to the Marriott Center fill up early, there is parking available in the lot west of LaVell Edwards Stadium (1700 North 150 East), north of the Indoor Practice Field (turn east off of University Avenue onto 1060 North Street) and other lots available (see program booklet). There will be enhanced shuttle service to campus from both lots. You may want to go there first and save some time! Cars that park in neighborhoods may be towed.

Disability Parking

If you have a state-issued disability placard or permit, you can park in the disability parking area northeast of the Marriott Center or in lot 26A (south of the law school, next to the visitors’ lot), based on space availability. Check with the officer on duty. Participants who havea placard may also park in any of the state disability parking spaces on campus. If disability spaces are filled in a particular lot, you may hang your placard and park in any of the parking spaces on main campus except in timed lots or spaces designated for deans and service vehicles.

Rather than move your car to other lots on campus, you can also ride the courtesy shuttles to get to the other venues. There is one shuttle van that can transport wheelchairs. Remember that the courtesy shuttles take you to key points but do not stop at specific buildings. You may have one friend ride with you on the wheelchair shuttle. To contact the driver, call 385-335-3143 on the days of the conference and indicate your shuttle stop location. Please note that wheelchairs are not available to rent on campus.

General Parking Policies

Please note that there will be sections close to the Marriott Center that will be blocked off for campus employees. With the university in full operation during the conference it is important that these spaces remain available for faculty and staff.

BYU Women's Conference works with campus police and traffic operations to try to improve parking conditions and shuttles during the conference. We ask that as you visit campus you will continue to be kind and helpful to traffic officers, campus employees, shuttle drivers, and fellow conference attendees.

Courtesy Shuttles

Courtesy shuttles will again be provided and are available to all conference participants; however, preference will be given to seniors and those with disabilities.

Courtesy shuttles will be running on several routes throughout the day during both days of the conference as well as during the evening activities on Thursday. Maps will be posted at each shuttle stop with information on routes and running times. Shuttles do not run on a specific time schedule but rather go through a continuous circuit; please be patient, because pickup times will vary.

Courtesy shuttle routes are designed to take you to key points but do not stop at specific buildings. Courtesy shuttles pick up and drop off at designated shuttle stops. They will be running from lower campus to all of the parking lots after the evening activities have ended on Thursday.